• This package contains 88+ cups of cauliflower
  • Freeze Dried Cauliflower in bowl
  • Freeze Dried Cauli in bowl
  • Freeze Dried Cauliflower in a pouch
  • Freeze dried cauliflower pouch

Freeze Dried Cauliflower 800g


Delicious Freeze-Dried Cauliflower is a perfect addition to your emergency food stores, or as an easy and delicious add-on for at-home meals.

No preservatives, just good ol’ cauliflower. 800 grams of freeze dried products measures a little over 88 cups, and equivalent to about 6 kgs of fresh produce.

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Freeze-Dried Cauliflower – Made in Canada!

Our Freeze-Dried Cauliflower stems and florets do not require refrigeration and boast a shelf-life of 25 years. Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamins C and K and a good source of fiber, folate, and vitamin B6. The perfect addition to any food storage plan- cauliflower is filling and versatile, very easy to prepare, and contains no sulfites. It can be eaten as a crispy snack right out of the bag, used in veggie trail mixes, or added to pasta or rice dishes. In order to optimize your food storage, pair with meals like those found in Legacy Premium Food Storage buckets.

To rehydrate, add your cauliflower during the last 5-10 minutes of cooking soups and stews, or hydrate by soaking for 5 to 10 minutes in a generous amount of hot or cold water, then drain.

Yield — A cup of freeze dried cauliflower is about 9g. Each 100g pouch contains just over 11 cups of cauliflower florets, and this package contains 8 total pouches.

Rehydration Ratio — This package is equivalent to about 6 kgs of fresh cauliflower!


  • Made in Canada
  • 25-Year Shelf Life
  • Non-GMO with No Additives
  • 8x 100g of Freeze-Dried Cauliflower pouches (11+ cups)
  • Excellent Source of Fiber
  • Packed in insulating mylar bags


  • Cauliflower

Freeze Dried Cauliflower 800g

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