Freeze Dried Diced Beef 4 Pack


Freeze Dried Diced Beef – Finally available in Canada! Shipping from our warehouse!

This USDA certified Diced Beef is cooked and ready to be used in endless emergency meal recipes.

700 g (1.54 lbs or 24.7 oz) per Can!

17 g Protein per serving

Sold in a 4-Pack – $83.45 per can

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Freeze dried diced beef is a great tasting side option that is ideal for emergency preparedness, long-term emergency food storage, camping, or for a quick meal.

Freeze dried diced beef can be prepared in 10 – 15 minutes and only requires water.

Because our food is stored in #10 metal cans, the food can achieve a 25-year shelf-life when properly stored. There are 29 servings per can.

• 25 year shelf life
• Quick and easy preparation
• Fully cooked
• Excellent source of protein
• USDA Inspected

Nutritional Facts Table

Diced Beef NFT

Freeze Dried Diced Beef 4 Pack

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