Survival Food FAQ’s


Why trust SURVIVAL FOOD in event of disaster or emergency?
SURVIVAL FOOD emergency food storage is your one stop shop for all disaster food preparedness needs. Calorie food bars, MRE’s, camping food, fruit and veggie pails and 25 year shelf life freeze dried food storage to fit any budget and time frame. We offer some of the best freeze-dried food storage products on the market at the lowest cost per serving in the food storage industry. With flavorful meals that people who are new to prepping and preppers alike can confidently secure an emergency food storage supply against unforeseen disaster with SURVIVAL FOOD today.

How is SURVIVAL FOOD disaster food supply freeze-dried food packaged?
In order to ensure that our disaster/emergency food storage products remain fresh while in storage, SURVIVAL FOOD emergency meals come in Mylar pouches that have an Oxygen Absorber inside and have been Nitrogen Flushed to get rid of excess oxygen. These long-lasting pouches are then stored in heavy-duty, stackable polyethylene buckets that are perfect for disaster preparation storage and offer another layer of protection from rodents and water damage. Each bucket has convenient handles or grips for easy transport and weighs less than 40 pounds.

How long is the shelf life for freeze-dried and dehydrated food?
Our food storage brands meals can be stored for up to 25 years or longer. Those new to disaster prep and even seasoned preppers can rest assured that all of our meals maintain quality, freshness and nutritious content without the need for rotation for twenty-five years, when properly stored. Residual oxygen levels in emergency/disaster food storage is the main determining factor of how long the food will last.

How do you know SURVIVAL FOOD disaster prep food will last long term?
At SURVIVAL FOOD, we only sell the top brands, which are the leaders in long term food storage. They take great steps to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients, toughest packaging, and multi-step sealing process is used to ensure freshness. The pouches are sealed with an oxygen absorber inside and nitrogen flushed in a controlled environment to get rid of as much oxygen as possible.

Can you open the plastic bins or will it affect the food?
Disaster prep beginners and experienced preppers alike will all love this: the buckets are resealable and opening them will not affect the long shelf life of your SURVIVAL FOOD emergency food storage/disaster supply. The buckets stack on top of each other very nicely and are all BPA-free!

Once I have opened the pouch, how long will the food last?
Most emergency food storage will last as long as normal food would once the package has been opened. Storing it in the fridge (not always possible in a disaster situation) will help it keep longer.

Where is the best place to keep my SURVIVAL FOOD emergency food storage/disaster supply?
The ideal condition for storing your emergency food storage/disaster supply is a cool, dark and dry place where the temperature is relatively consistent like a basement, closet, or cold storage unit. Always avoid hot places, like a shed or garage, when possible.

Does cold affect the food?
Cold won’t damage or hurt the packages. In fact, it is best to store your disaster food supply in a cool space if possible.

How much space do I need to store emergency food storage?
The emergency food storage bucket sizes are listed on each item’s product details page. Package sizes range from a small bucket that will fit under most beds to multiple large buckets that require 2 pallets to ship.

How much water is required to hydrate an emergency food storage meal?
The amount of water required ranges but on average is approximately 6 cups.  The exact amount is listed on each brands pouch instructions. When possible use boiling or hot water; this will speed up preparation and provide you a hot meal. In an emergency or instance of disaster the food will still hydrate with cold water.

How long until my SURVIVAL FOOD disaster food supply will arrive?
All orders of emergency/disaster supply food storage ship for free (calorie food bars and MRE’s being the exception) and are delivered via LTL carrier, UPS, FedEx Ground or Canada Post service and generally leave our warehouse within 2-4 business days after placing your order. Shipping will typically take 3-5 business days from the time your order leaves our warehouse depending on your location (Wise orders may take up to 14 days to ship), at which point we will provide you with tracking information.

What is the returns policy on SURVIVAL FOOD emergency food storage?
Most unused/unopened emergency food storage items can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a Online Store Credit. Please click here to view the entire policy.

How does free shipping work?
If you live in most regions of Canada and place an order, your entire SURVIVAL FOOD emergency food storage purchase will be shipped to you free of charge! (Ration Bars exempted) Some remote or rural locations like the Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and the remote regions of other provinces will incur additional shipping charges. You will be contacted after your order has been placed to make those arrangements.