Long Term Survival Food

The top long term food brands in the industry at a price you won’t find anywhere else, that is the Survival Food promise.

When it comes to tasty, high quality, easy to prepare freeze dried food, Survival Food has what you need. We have done the research and offer the top 3 brands in the long term food storage space: Augason Farms, Legacy Premium and Wise Company. With a 20-25 year shelf life, great calorie counts, convenient stacking buckets, gluten free options and a wide variety of meals, we are sure that at one (or more!) of these brands will meet your needs.

Whether you’re looking for something to begin your emergency food supply, or adding to existing long-term food storage, Survival Food offers the best price – guaranteed.

Legacy Food: Boasting the largest serving size in the industry and the lowest cost per pound, Legacy food is a perfect solution for people looking to feed large groups or families. With gluten free options, non-GMO ingredients and the largest selection of breakfasts and entrees ensure that there will be something for everyone when it is time to crack into your supply.

Wise Food: Save fuel with Wise! Unlike other emergency food Wise does not need to be simmered. Simply add to boiling water, cover, then remove from your heat source. In an emergency this difference can be crucial. The smaller serving sizes make Wise Food a great option for individuals and couples looking for long term survival food.

Augason Farms: A great supplement to an existing food supply, Augason Farms adds variety and calories in an affordable way. Perfect for bulking up your long-term food storage, or establishing a basic supply to build on later.

Don’t know which brand is right for you? Give us a call at 1-855-229-7996 and we would love to help.